Becoming A Content Contributor

So glad you are interested in contributing! We develop resources, specifically for ministry wives that dig into complex issues and provide biblical, wise, and practical next steps in walking out this calling with courage and grace. They are more than musings, ponderings or stories. Instead, they connect with our struggles and empower us to walk ahead with concrete tools, building confidence and courage.

Resources are sent out to our readership on a biweekly basis and then posted on the website.

Each Alongside resource should:

  • Resonate with a heart felt need of the ministry/pastor’s wife reader
  • Articulate the tension – dig into the complexities
  • Make space for wrestling and listening to God’s voice
  • Distill some key truths/principles
  • Give next steps, wise ways of walking in these truths as a ministry wife


Given these goals, we encourage this format:

  • Heart Connection – this section answers these questions:
    • Do you really understand me?
    • Why should I listen to you?
  • Articulate the problem
    • What’s the real challenge for me in this?
    • Why is it so difficult to navigate?
    • Where’s the tension?
    • What are the hidden complexities that few can see?
    • What are some different ways to think about this?
  • Distill Key Principle(s)
    • Does scripture have anything to say about this?
    • What are some wise principles that apply here?
    • How can I simplify the complicated?
  • Key Tips
    • How do I translate this principle into my life?
    • What are strategies that I can employ to live out this wisdom when it’s messy?

Submissions for the biweekly resource blast should be between 500-1500 words. That gives a lot of latitudes. The longer the piece, the more intentional accommodations for scan-ability must be (use of bold, bullets, spacing, numbered items, etc)


Please use this format at the top of your submission:

Resource Page Title: Watch SEO here, must include “Pastors’ Wives” or “Ministry Wives”. Lists with numbers get higher visits

Email blast Title: Short is key

Email Subject line: If your article has a subtitle or tagline, this is a good place. Short is key.

Email Teaser text: This comes up in the preview of their email. Short invite to what the article is about.

Tags: These are keywords that people might use to find your piece. It’s best if they are included in the article. Please include “pastor’s wife/wives” or “ministry wife/wives”.


Resource Page Title: When Your Place of Worship Becomes Your Place of Work- 5 tensions we must navigate when we work in a church and how to help your staff as a pastor’s wife
Email blast Title: When Your Place of Worship Becomes Your Place of Work
Email Subject line: When Your Place of Worship Becomes Your Place of Work
Email Teaser text: 5 Tensions we (and our staff) need to navigate when working for a church
Tags: new church staff, onboarding, vocational ministry, church, working for church, pastor’s wife, ministry wife


Alongside does not compensate any of its contributors or coaches for their work at this time. We all contribute on a voluntary basis and truly appreciate how the Lord has gifted each of us to add our abilities to this work. Any written resources remain the property of the author/developer and can be reposted in other venues. Alongside retains the permission to continue using the resource at it’s discretion.

Please fill out the form if you are interested to become a content contributor