Our Story

Many times, fear can keep us from embracing the calling that God has put on our lives – the calling to be a team with our husbands in ministry.

These fears can come from alot of places: the possibility of the church consuming our families, the expectations to be everything to everyone, the potential (and reality) of God’s people causing us great pain, and even that working together with our husbands might put more strain on our marriages than we’re already experiencing.

These fears can cause us to put distance, and even build walls, between us and the people we’re called to love. We’ve been there.

But we believe that God has a calling on us, as ministry wives, that is far more rewarding and significant than our fears, and we want to help all of us embrace it.

We believe that ministry wives deeply want to be embracing this One-flesh calling with their husbands, in the huge myriad of ways that it can play out. That they truly want to be standing shoulder to shoulder with their spouses in shepherding the flock that God has given them. We want to encourage, equip and empower them to do that.