Our Values

Because we value a Jesus-focus
We continually point our conversations to what Jesus is doing in the midst of joy and hardship

Because we value Vulnerability
We intentionally let others into the places we don’t have figured out and replace snap judgements with grace when it comes to each others’ walks with Jesus, ministries in other contexts, marriages and families

Because we value Humility
We create spaces where we can authentically wrestle with our next steps

Because we value Wisdom
We let God’s Word be our guide in tricky situations. We listen well and challenge each other to become women who walk with grace and discernment

Because we value Courage
We call each other to live out this calling with authenticity, wholeheartedly loving the flocks that we’ve been called to, even when they are difficult. We encourage each other to seize the Kingdom opportunities that come with this unique calling

Because we value the Church
We aggressively discourage competition, understand the value of God calling each of us to different contexts and celebrate our diversity. We ask the Lord to guard each of us from comparison.