Running on a treadmill… going through the motions…getting through the day…minimizing damage…just surviving.

Those are not how ANY of us would decide to spend the next year, in our own personal lives, our marriage lives, our family lives or our ministry lives. But it’s where some of us will end up at the end of 2024, looking back at a year that was spent.., but not invested. I know that God has plans for me, for you, for us this year. Plans to prosper us. Plans to give us hope – in the deep places that need it. Plans to grow us into the good works that He has already laid the groundwork for us to do. I want to be ready for that!

Intentionality has become a common buzzword in secular and Christian circles. Most people love the idea of moving with purpose and investing in efforts that will move them forward towards their destinations. But there are fewer who actually take the time and energy needed to discern their destination and set their course, based on careful reflection on what has been and prayerful inquiring of the Lord as to what will be.

Here is a tool to help you reflect and inquire of the Lord as you learn from this past year. Without reflection, our journey through the difficult will just yield tired muscles instead of the wisdom we desire. It’s crucial to look back before moving forward into this next year. I challenge you to write out your responses and share them with a mentor or close friend. Resist the urge to answer a question just to get it done. But instead, purposefully ask the Lord to show you what He has done and what He wants to accomplish in you as you think about this next chapter.


Click the link below to download and print the worksheet.