Empowering Mininstry Wives

Our Purpose

Empowering ministry wives to be dynamic partners in ministry, embracing the opportunities that are unique to their God-given calling


Our passion is to help ministry wives live lives of courage and abandon, seizing the opportunities that are unique to this God-given role by:

Empowering them to understand their unique calling tied not just to their position, but to their personality and their gifting

Developing them as leaders who lead from hearts of wisdom, integrity, humility and authenticity

Strengthening them by giving them tools

  • to take the challenges of being a pastor’s wife and a ministry family and turn them into opportunities for God to move in broken people
  • to handle the challenges of being a ministry family with wisdom, grace, and faith in Him who uses all things for His glory

Attacking the isolation that characterizes most lives of ministry wives by creating networks that are

  • safe, meet regularly via face-to-face or online platforms, and encourage authenticity about the real issues we face
  • are focused on seeing God’s hand in the midst of difficult circumstances and celebrating the privilege of serving Him


We all long to not only survive in ministry but to thrive – as a person, as a couple and as a family. We’ve found that couples that embrace ministry together are able to see God leading and follow more wholeheartedly. They share the same vision and are on the same team. We help ministry wives take the next step in becoming a dynamic ministry team with their husbands and in living out their calling with courage and ferocity.


An Alongside Cohort is a small group of ten pastors’ wives that gathers together for the purpose of taking the next step in embracing the unique opportunities of this God-given role. The cohorts will engage in monthly, topical discussions, facilitated by two Alongside coaches, around becoming a better team in your marriage and living out your individual calling, as well as some of the obstacles to staying engaged in ministry as a team. We’re looking forward to helping each other become more of what God made us to be.


“For the first time in our twenty years of ministry, I am finally beginning to understand what it means to come alongside my husband in ministry. I’ve always felt like I was five steps behind – never able to to catch up…and never walking beside him as a partner. We are sharing the same vision – to care for the group of people that God has given us. Now, I’m figuring out what is looks like to walk that out.”

“Alongside has been a place of refreshment and encouragement for my heart. It feels good to walk into a room where you know everyone in that room is sharing the same feelings of loneliness, bitterness, inadequacy, fatigue, etc. It’s a place where we can share these struggles and know that it’s a safe environment. The support, prayer and love of these women is a gift from God.”

“For me Alongside has provided me with a safe place to share my feelings and insecurities. It is there I am able to realize that I’m not alone and there’s others that go through the same things as me. It’s made me realize that we don’t always have the answers or know everything. It’s a place for spiritual growth and friendship.”

Can we help you?

A listening ear that understands your trench… some resources to help you think about your space in a new way. Let us know how we can help. We have several coaches that have been around the block a few times in ministry. They may not have experienced your exact circumstances, but they have known hardship and hurt in ministry, but also healing and redemption. We would love to “come alongside” you in any way we can. We will try to have someone make contact with you within 24 hours.

Our Partners

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